Classic Lips

The classic lip shape tends to be a more natural technique that creates a subtle, heart shape lip. This technique the cupid’s bow maintains a complete and nice figure in cupids bow and tapers out the edges giving an excellent projection from the side profile. The overall result is a fuller-bodied look and a plumped effect, helping the lips to look juicy and hydrated.

The Classic Lip shape in our opinion is perfect for clients that are happy with their current lip shape and would like to focus more on volume and rejuvenation. As the injecting techniques include linear thread injections around the vermillion border, this helps to enhance the natural lip shape rather than lifting and shaping. This technique has also proven to be beneficial for clients that feel they have a smaller, thin lip. By using this technique we can build and create volume within the lip, helping to form naturally fuller lips.

Best Results

2-3 treatments.

Duration of Results

Approx. 6 months.



Procedure Time

15 - 30 minutes.



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