Russian Lips

Russian Lips generally look very different in comparison to your more natural Classic Lip Technique. This new trend has introduced a brand new shape to the lips, providing a flatter, wider look to match the one supported naturally by Russian women. The trend began due to the desire for lips that are larger in volume and plumpness, without the worry of filler migration or the ‘duck lips’ and ‘trout pout’ look that many want to avoid when having lip filler. Russian Lips derive from the ‘Russian Doll’, where they form a heart shape in the centre with a flatter, higher appearance.

During this treatment a technique called Russian Fanning will be used to create this desired look. The injections are administered vertically into the base of the lip, drawing out to the outer edge. The lips will be shaped to lift or flip the lip, rather than add excessive volume. This we also call lip tenting and can enhance the cupid’s bow without adding a pronounced side profile or more volume into the lip border.

A consultation is advised prior to booking in for this technique, during this consultation your practitioner will be able to discuss the procedure with you in more detail, explain the difference in shape using this technique, access your lips to ensure the result is achievable.
Your practitioner may advise that a dissolve is required in order for you to receive the best results. By doing this your old filler can be safely and efficiently removed and then your fresh Russian shape can be injected.

Best Results

2-3 treatments.

Duration of Results

Approx. 6 months.



Procedure Time

15 - 30 minutes.



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