Loran Stripp Lips®

Loran Stripp Lips® is a brand new technique developed in Romania by Dr Laura Mocanu. We have had the exciting opportunity of training in this technique and becoming the first certified practitioner in Warrington to offer this to our clients!
The technique itself has been developed to melt away unwanted hyaluronic acid that can be seen in uneven, lumpy and migrated fillers and refill lips with newly placed filler in the same sitting.

Loran Stripp Lips are a completely new technique and much different from our popular Russian Lips. The refilling includes a combination of injecting skills such as Butterfly & Michelango techniques to create a new shape that provides volume, structure and shape to the lip.

Once your new shape has been created, new evidence has shown that the support of sterile stripps during the secondary tissue synthesis, is increasing lip structure and support during this healing process. Stripps should be worn for atleast 24 hours during this period for best results.

A consultation is advised prior to booking in for this technique, during this consultation your practitioner will be able to discuss the procedure with you in more detail, explain the difference in shape using this technique, explain dissolving procedure & carry out a required patch test should you choose to proceed.

Best Results

2-3 treatments

Duration of Results

Approx. 6 months





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